St Kitts & Nevis, Caribbean

St Kitts & Nevis, Caribbean
In St. Kitts, almost every road is along the coastline which makes for a great scenic drive for those who love the ocean. St. Kitts was named after St Christopher (Kitt) Columbus.
The first stop I made at St. Kitts was Romney Manor. It is a quaint and colorful botanical garden on a former sugar plantation. It was such a peaceful walkthrough with ocean views and an awesome, colorful, well organized store where I bought a dress, skirt, and a bandana. The fabrics are so colorful and all the sales benefited the locals.
Oh the way to the next stop, I came across this run down truck. Vines had started to grow over it and it just shows the power of nature, eventually reclaiming everything back.
The next stop was Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. This fortress was made mainly from volcanic rock and 100 years of slave labor. It is a sight to behold with its views, canons, and pure strength. You feel a rich sense of history and can imagine battles between the French and British in the 1700.
 is the website for the fortress. There's some drone footage on there that gives you a good full scope of the fortress and surrounding views.
I wanted to stop for a photo with the Mount Liamuiga volcano in the background and ended up with this cool tall grass shot. Mount Liamuiga is a 3,792ft tall non active volcano, with it's last eruption being over 1600 years ago.
One of the cutest beaches I’ve seen was Cockleshell bay. The sand and water were absolutely beautiful and the addition of the little rainbow umbrellas made for great photos. Cockleshell bay has a wonderful view of Nevis. From the beach it's right in front of you.
Nevis is the second half and second island to St Kitts. The word Nevis means snow because the clouds are low. Alexander Hamilton was born in Nevis.

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