Exploration and Rejuvenation with Uga Escapes in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has it all–tropical jungles, glistening coastlines, ancient traditions, spiritual enlightenment, vibrant culture and wildlife around every corner. So when it came to planning my accommodation, I knew it had to be with Uga Escapes in Sri Lanka because they have boutique hotels scattered throughout this beautiful and inviting country.
I stayed at an Uga Escapes resort at each stop along my trail through Sri Lanka, and now I want to share with you how amazing my experience was! If you are looking for the best hotel company in Sri Lanka, I highly recommend Uga Escapes, here’s why.

Why I Chose To Stay With Uga Escapes in Sri Lanka

I learned about Uga Escapes through my travel company, Linara, and I’m so thankful for the recommendation because I absolutely loved each and every hotel I stayed at. Uga Escapes are boutique hotels combining comfort and luxury in the most beautiful destinations across Sri Lanka.
In addition to the breathtaking hotels, Uga prioritizes environmental initiatives with ecological sustainability and nature preservation. Staying with Uga provided an amazing experience and immersion into the local culture, cuisine and wildlife. Here’s a glimpse of each hotel I stayed at with Uga Escapes on my trip through Sri Lanka.

Uga Residence in Colombo

The first hotel I stayed at was a 19th-century mansion in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and largest city on the island. It’s hard not to feel like a princess in this gorgeous 11-suite Victorian mansion, once home to royalty and nobility. Now, it’s a lavish boutique hotel in Western Sri Lanka, nestled in the heart of the city next to the tranquil Buddhist temple, Gangarama. Head here for the ultimate in boutique hotel luxury.

Uga Ulagalla in the Cultural Triangle

The next stop was at the wonderland that is Ulagalla, Uga’s flagship resort that also happens to be the best place to stay in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. Ulagalla is a 150-year old mansion surrounded by 58 acres of natural magic and easily one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever visited. When we got to the hotel, we had a welcoming ceremony and rung the bell to announce our arrival.
What I absolutely loved about Ulagalla was that the hotel really felt like a destination in itself, with endless beautiful grounds to explore. I loved walking along the paths or riding bicycles around the property exploring the rice fields and organic gardens. There are so many cute animals to stop and see, and I especially enjoyed stopping at the stables to visit the horses.
Of course, if you want to branch out from the hotel, it’s only a quick 30 minute drive to Anuradhapura and an hour from Sigiriya, the ancient rock kingdom also known as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Chena Huts Sri Lanka

Next, we made our way to the exotic and adventurous Chena Huts in Yala National Park. I loved staying at this little hut in the jungle, surrounded by tropical plants and jungle wildlife. The atmosphere surrounding the private cabins is full of flora and fauna. But the best part about staying at Chena Huts is the location. You can literally go from golden sand dunes to tropical beaches from one hotel.
I’ve always had a fascination with early explorers and adventurers; it’s part of my love for travel. Staying at Chena Huts gives you the opportunity to go on safari and see the local wildlife. And after all that exploring, you’ve got your own private pool awaiting you at your cabin. I loved the green tile and gorgeous waterfall, it really enhanced the tranquility and seclusion of this beautiful location.
Plus, there’s an amazing spa! And I definitely got my fix with multiple trips to the spa because they were the best massages ever.

Rejuvenation, Exploration and Self-Discovery

Visiting Sri Lanka was like stepping into a a dream full of rejuvenation, self-discovery and exploration. Sri Lanka really does have it all and is the perfect mix of adventure and regeneration. One day you’re lounging in a peaceful jungle and the next you’re on safari snapping photos of wild elephants. Staying at Chena Huts was the perfect way to end an absolutely amazing trip to Sri Lanka. I’ll never forget this memorable experience, which was amplified by my incredible stays with Uga Escapes.
Is Sri Lanka on your bucket list? If not, I highly encourage you to add it and stay with Uga Escapes, because I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I did!
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