Safari in the Serengeti, Tanzania

To me, the Serengeti was a mystical place that I had always heard of but never thought I would get to see. My friend Melinda invited me to go and I jumped at the opportunity.

Melinda’s friend Jombi Kivuyo runs a safari company called Tanzania Outdoor Adventures. They are truly bespoke and one of the best companies for Serengeti safaris. Jombi’s colleague William picked us up from Kilimanjaro airport in a big and roomy Land Cruiser and from there drove to Arusha.

In Arusha, we stopped at a restaurant inside Arusha Coffee Lodge. It was a massive and beautiful with lots of outdoor seating in a natural setting. We had a buffet lunch and the staff brought out a cake and sang to me since it was my Birthday. It was a really sweet and meaningful lunch and I was happy to have spent my birthday in Africa with amazing people.

That night, we stayed at Kitela Lodge. This location was amazing. It felt safe, had beautiful views, a pool, and even a little pack of dogs to greet us upon arrival. Every structure was separate with all of the rooms being spread across the grounds.

The next morning William drove us to Ngorongoro crater. This crater is something out of a movie. It is insane. We drove around the foggy outer ring of the crater which made it hard to see what was going on. Finally, the crater was revealed. It was so majestic. The massive crater was vast with so many animals. We looked up to see that the fog we were driving through was now just a blanket over the top of the crater. The crater is home to lions, elephants, giraffes, buffalo, hippo, zebra, and many other animals. There are not as many elephants and giraffes in the crater because of the difficulty of getting in and out of it. The crater visit was a huge bonus on the itinerary and I feel so lucky to have seen it.

These Zebra crossing the river made my day.

After exploring the crater, we met up with Jombi. Once with Jombi, we drove by some Masai villages and even stopped to visit one along the way.

The Serengeti is so vast, so open. You can look as far as the eye can see and it just continues on. This blew my mind. I absolutely loved the vastness of the Serengeti.

Our home for the next two nights was Lake Masek Tented Lodge in the Serengeti. It was so pretty and under the same ownership as Kitela Lodge so the quality was of course top notch.

The camp and all of the tents are new and right near the lake. Melinda had a zebra outside of her tent as we headed to our rooms from dinner. We were in the thick of the wildlife. You could hear lion, zebra, and hippo all through the night at Lake Masek, it was so magical. And for me, a little scary at times.

Thank you Jombi for creating a truly bespoke safari experience.

I can’t wait to be back. Professional photography and editing by Sergio Vellatti.

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