Barbados, Caribbean

Barbados was absolutely stunning. The island has a couple high points but is not made by volcanic activity as most other islands in the Caribbean are.

I started out at one of the main lookout points which were absolutely beautiful.

From there I visited both Welchman Hall Gully and Harrison’s Cave. The gully was amazing, I just loved seeing all the hanging vines and various plants and trees. Saw some monkeys and also some lizards and centipedes 🐒🐛

Harrison’s Cave was really awesome. Was hard to capture as the cave just gets darker as you go in but seeing the stalactites and stalagmites was so special. The cave has a sparkle to it. Just so amazing to see such an incredible creation of nature.

From there I went to the highly recommended Bathsheba beach. This beach has giant boulders up and down it’s Coast which makes for incredible photos. Barbados was an incredible island that inspired me to want to visit more islands and see more caves like Harrison’s cave 🇧🇧


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