Saint Barthélemy (St Barts), Caribbean

Saint Barthélemy (often abbreviated as St Barts) is a small volcanic island located in the northwest Caribbean Sea.

The best way to get to St Barts would be a ten minute flight or ferry ⛴ from Sint Maartin.

Gustavia is the capital of St Barts and also where the ferry arrives. There are island type stores and restaurants mixed with high end stores in Gustavia. You can find Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and Louis Vuitton to name a few… all duty free.

We toured around the island and were able to see some of the beautiful view spots and beaches. St Jean is a beautiful beach right next to the St Barts air strip and also Gouverneur was an amazing scenic spot along the way, usually home to the many celebrities that stop by the island. Shell Beach was also a great stop along with lunch at “Shellona.” This island was so dreamy and I can’t wait to visit again one day 🏝

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