Q1 Gold Coast, Australia

The Q1 Resort was a massive skyscraper right on the beach. The views were so incredible. I was about ten feet from the top floor. Was nice to see up and down the Gold Coast.

The building was built in 2005 and the units are available as hotel rentals and also for sale. It’s right on the beach and so close to many restaurants and shopping.

From there we went to Byron Bay for the day. Byron was the town of my dreams. So many healthy and organic spots, and some of the nicest people. For sightseeing in Byron, I went to the lighthouse and also down to Wategos beach.

One of my favorite clothing lines Spell & The Gypsy Collective is based out of Byron Bay. I was fortunate to grab some beautiful pieces from their new line and visit their headquarters and boutique.

I was in town for Australia Day so it was nice to see everyone come out on the beaches and having a good time for the holiday. I saw lots of Australian flags and it just made me feel so fortunate to be there at that time.

It was a great time on the Gold Coast and a perfect stop before heading down to Sydney.

Thank you Q1

Photos by Brandon Sloter.

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