A Night on The River Seine in Paris, France 

Location: The Seine River in Paris 

Here’s a site I found for some cool river tours: Paris Attractions

Dinner on the Seine 🍴🌊 wearing a For Love and Lemons dress ✨

Notre Dame from the river. Breathtaking. More info about Notre Dame here: http://www.notredamedeparis.fr

City lights from the back of the boat.

Love all of the history and and romance of Paris. 

The architecture is out of this world and their attention to detail is incredible. 

Eiffel Tower at night 🎆🌙



I wonder how old she is? What’s her story? This city is so rich with history.



Such a beautiful night in Paris. September is the perfect month to visit.

Statue of Liberty. This statue is a miniature of her bigger sister in New York Harbour and also faces in the direction of her bigger sister.

The people watching on the Seine was the best. As you can see here, people are enjoying a night under Lady Liberty. You see couples and friends sitting along the edge of the water sharing food and wine, etc. In France, alcohol is legal to bring anywhere in the city with you. Open containers are allowed, and the rules with alcohol are just more relaxed in general compared to the United States. 

Au Revior Paris, je t’aime ❤️🇫🇷

5 thoughts on “A Night on The River Seine in Paris, France 

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