Trails of the Playboy Mansion Part I in Los Angeles, California 

Playboy Mansion Great Hall
This place is beautiful and I feel I don’t showcase it enough. Took so many amazing photos that I will have to split it up into a few blog posts. In this first post I will showcase the front of this magnificent property. 

Dress by Jen’s Pirate Booty.

Front shot of the Mansion

Love this unique shot of the house. The Playboy Mansion was built in 1926 by the Letts family. They owned the entire area of Holmby Hills which they used for farming and their main house on the farmland was the Playboy Mansion. The fountain flowers are replaced regularly and the grounds are meticulously tended to by in house garndeners.

Stepping out of the Mansion front door. Wearing a Honey Punch romper with anklets from Etsy and necklace from the Tradesy App. There is a coat of arms above the doorway with the letter “L” representing the Letts family, the original owners of the home.

Walkways down to the wishing well lined with flowers. 🌸

One of the new Mansion pets 😉

  There are a few of these beautiful white benches. They definitely add to the serene atmosphere 😌

More flowers. Colorful flowers are scattered throughout the property making it really pop. 🌈
Amazing detail of the wishing well.

Hugh Hefner Holllywood Walk Of Fame Star
This pathway leads to the infamous Game House of the Playboy Mansion. A super cool hang spot with pinball machines, a pool table, classic arcade games, foosball,  a jukebox, and a piano that plays itself. 




The “Van” Room

This room has super squishy carpet and is part of the Game House. 

One of Hef’s iconic pinball machines
Be sure to check out Part II and thank you Brandon Sloter for your the photography!
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8 thoughts on “Trails of the Playboy Mansion Part I in Los Angeles, California 

  1. Beautiful amazing mansion Love to live there If I won the lottery I would buy it for Hugh Hefner and share with his family Perfect place just needs a touch up but left the same Hoping one day I will get to visit

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for this fresh glimpse into an amazing oasis, truly beautiful. Looking at these pictures is pure nostalgia…so much love and good times have been had here, a testament to Hef”s generosity and creative genius. So lucky for you to be a part of it! Wish I could visit you♡♡♡


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