Trails of the Playboy Mansion Part II in Los Angeles, California

The Rolling Hill

Dress by For Love And Lemons from the Tradesy App. ❤️👗

Trail to the Tree Bench

This bench is so great to take photos in. A cool hidden gem on the Playboy Mansion grounds. 

Back patio of the Mansion. This patio is usually host to a bar during movie nights 📽

Sitting on the trampoline. It’s usually covered unless anyone decides to jump on it ☺️❤️ Wearing Free People purchased from Tradesy. 👗💕🏰

Koi Pond in the Back Yard 🐟

Very friendly and colorful koi fish. 

Views of the castle 🏰

In the backyard wearing a suit from Free People and choker from Claire’s. Love this suit, it’s so comfortable, and love the beautiful views of the house from here.
Thank you for taking a look and I hope you enjoyed the photos! Stay tuned for Part III ❤️ Photography by @brandonsloter 

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4 thoughts on “Trails of the Playboy Mansion Part II in Los Angeles, California

  1. So Crystal, I can only guess how traffic is in Michigan?

    Yes I dig in my nose. You know why ? The pasteurization process of milk.

    Fascinating right? Seriously the “buggar” is always in the same place in my

    nostril. Not that I would encourage a rabbit to.


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